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to Your Table.

Sourced from a cooperative of farmers, Ensemble Foods aims to deliver healthy, affordable plant-based food.

We are here to help feed the world in a sustainable way*

Ensemble believes in bringing people together through food. Our inclusive philosophy appeals to all consumers, including those with diets centered around plant-based foods and occasional animal products. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tereos, a cooperative conglomerate of farmers who responsibly source ingredients primarily from France. Ensemble’s vision is simple: Providing affordable plant-based products to support feeding the world.

(*) Referring to the production and consumption of our plant-based protein in place of animal protein.

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Our Brand Promise

To provide affordable plant-based products that will support feeding the world.

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Vegetarian, flexitarian or veggie-curious; we wish to help everyone bring more plant protein into their lives.

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We take pride in our short list of ingredients; you'll recognize what's on the label.

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We’re powered by Tereos, the 2nd largest wheat protein producer in the world.

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Offer your customers a delicious plant-based protein that suits every menu item. From sautés for vegan stir fry to strips for meatless alfredo, Ensemble has you covered with pre-cut pieces that are packed with flavor and protein.

Food for Thought

Curious about adopting a more plant-based diet? Read all about the benefits in Ensemble’s blog, Food for Thought.

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