October 10, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Wheat Protein: A Resilient Player in Plant-Based Foods

Wheat Grains, Brown Wheat Flour and White Wheat Flour in Wooden bowl

Wheat protein has a unique characteristic—it doesn't readily mix with water. When water encounters wheat, its proteins react by coming together, forming a tight-knit network that creates a distinctive, textured paste. This paste serves as the foundation for our plant-based chicken product.

This process is remarkable—it's a self-preserving mechanism, similar to how humans unite in response to challenges. The resulting paste is known as seitan, developed by vegetarian Buddhist monks in the 6th century as a meat alternative. Seitan is celebrated for its protein density, neutral flavor profile, and versatility in culinary creations.

However, seitan sometimes receives feedback for its neutral taste and chewy texture. Here's where chickpeas come into play: they enhance the texture and elevate the flavor, resulting in Ensemble's exceptional plant-based protein product.

You can enjoy it in numerous ways—try sautéing it with peppers and onions for a delightful fajita night or incorporating it into a warm, comforting curry.

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